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Concert Music or Soundtracks


Anno D, for trumpet, piano, and percussion with live elecronics was premiered by the SPLICE Ensemble in June 2016.

Socavino, a fixed video with 5.1 surround sound, is available for viewing on Vimeo.

Demo reel for richard's scores is now available on Vimeo.

Quaerere Sententias I is now all online in HD:
1. Introit - for trumpet, electronics, and video
2. Hiram - for clarinet, electronics, and video
3. Musashi - for flute, electronics, and video

Richard's scores for a short film by Calvin Walker entitled "The Most Beautiful Flower Blooms in Winter," and a short film by directors Julian Garcia and Jack Kygnon entitled "Alone Part II" are now available.

Excerpts from richard's score to feature length documentary Finding Thin are now available.

Cheryl Melfi's performance of Hiram at the Thailand International Composer's Festival is now available on Youtube.




richard johnson, composer

richard johnson is a multimedia artist and composer whose interest in music was piqued during a childhood heavily impacted by film.  Equal parts Kurosawa and Spielberg combined to create his ongoing interest in culture and history, the music of Takemitsu and Williams, and an obsession with mystery, adventure, and storytelling. This blend of interests is most clearly present in his set of pieces for soloists, electronics, and video entitled Quaerere Sententias.

Richard currently resides in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he serves as Assistant Professor of Multimedia Arts Technology at Western Michigan University.