performance materials

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Anno D

for trumpet, piano, and percussion with live electronics

Anno D was composed in a time that felt uncertain. Uncertain politically, socially, environmentally… and artistically.

Rage and anger informed its creation. And fear. Why do we work so hard against each other to destroy beautiful things? When we’ve gone too far—when we regret it and try to turn back—will we be too late? Will the new creation be something of beauty or merely a shadow of the past?

Anno D was originally composed for—and is eternally dedicated to—the incredible musicians of the SPLICE Ensemble: Keith Kirchoff, Adam Vidiksis, and Sam Wells. Love and gratitude.



duration: approximately 9 minutes

In performance, both trumpet and percussion start close to the piano, but ultimately move to separate stations on stage. No exact positioning is required; however, the following percussion instruments must be at their respective stations:
Percussion: crotales (1 octave), bass drum
Trumpet: tam tam, suspended cymbal

Ideally, 5 microphones are used for processing:
1 & 2: Piano
3: Trumpet (DPA)
4. Crotales
5. Bass Drum

These can be routed to the patch as 1-5, or summed externally as:
1. Piano
2. Trumpet
3. Percussion

Cues in the electronics can be activated either via spacebar or by pedal if an ensemble performer. Max patch and score are available from richard.