New Recordings

Scene 2: Animal Song
from Coyote's Song

Cues from Coyote's Song are becoming available as they are completed.

Video of Corrie van Ausdal's premiere of Heloise is now available.

The recording of Kari Johnson's premiere of Nocturne for the Hieroglyphica is now available


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Collaborations and Soundtracks

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Quaerere Sententias I

Introit (2011)
for trumpet, electronics, and video

Hiram (2012)
for clarinet, electronics, and video

Musashi (2012)
for flute, electronics, and video

Chamber and Solo Works

Anno D (2017)
for trumpet, piano, and percussion with live elecronics
commissioned by the SPLICE Ensemble in June 2016.

Nocturne for the Hieroglyphica (2009)
for solo piano

Windstorm and Respite (2008)
for solo flute

Grey Twilight (2008)
for oboe and harp

Summer grass, autumn wind (2005)
for oboe, viola, and piano

Five Scrolls of Musashi (2006)
for solo timpanist with bass drum and tam-tam

Painting sunflower fields (2004)
for clarinet, violin, and piano


water meditation on Etenraku, fixed media version (2010)
for solo cello, arranged for Madeleine Shapiro

Introit (2010)
for trumpet and electronics

Heloise (2009)
for Actress and Digital Audio

Conceptual Space (2009)
live processed MaxMSP

water meditation on Etenraku (2006)
for solo melodic instrument with laptop

Electronic Landscape No. 3: "America: 2000-2008" (2008)

Electronic Landscape No. 2: "brushed blossoms" (2008)