the score


for actress and digital audio

A dramatic reading of the correspondence between 12th century lovers, the abbott Abelard and abbess Heloise, set to electronic sound design.

The piece draws upon translations of the letters shared between Abelard and Heloise, two former lovers devoted to the Church.

Years have passed since their passionate affair ended with the castration of Abelard at the metaphorical hands of Heloise's uncle and guardian. In her writings, Heloise expresses a continuing lust and passion; desires that she fears betray her supposed devotion to a chaste life.

The score to this piece includes melodic material by Hildegard von Bingen, a 12th century abbess.


video on youtube


premiered as part of KcEMA's 2009 ArtSounds Event, at the Kansas City Art Institute, September 8, 2009