Quest 3: The Castle Siege
and Quest Remake
for PC

the Quest series

The Quest series of games, by Michael Duhm of MWD Software, began as a top-down adventure for MS-DOS. Quest 3: The Castle Siege was the first in the series to include original music.

Collaborating with Michael was a delight, so I was excited to continue working within the Quest world when he announced he would be doing a Windows compatbile remake of Quest 1: The Dungeon Escape.

The score for Quest 2 is now available!

Quest 3: The Castle Siege

1. Quest Theme

2. Forest Level

3. The Cave

4. Dungeon

5. Castle Siege

6. The Castle: Part 2

7. The Final Battle

Quest 1 Remake

8. 8-Bit Quest Theme

9. The Zungeon

Quest 2 Remake

10. Peaceful Forest

11. Greenwood Jig

12. Around the Hearth (Quest 2 Theme)


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