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Kimberley Reighley, flute
Charles Huang, oboe
Tim Eshing, viola

water meditation on Etenraku

for solo melodic instrument & computer

How divine the sound...
a single cloud passing through
a lake's reflection.

Water meditation on Etenraku is an interactive piece using MaxMSP. As the title emplies, the piece is a meditation on the traditional Gagaku piece, Etenraku. In a play of words, evolving from "Gagaku" having the elements of "cloud music" in its name, waterdrops were chosen as the only sound involved in the piece outside of the audio from the live performer.

eshing performing water Meditation

To perform water meditation, the performer requires a computer capable of running MaxMSP or its Runtime application, with a microphone as input and (obviously) some variety of audio output.




duration: 5'30"