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no recording of premiere
performed by Sophia Tegart,
November 18, 2008, as part of UMKC co(mp)llaborations I

windstorm and respite

for solo flute

 Windstorm and Respite was composed through the UMKC Composers’ Guild Co(mp)llaborations Project, in its first year.  This program, pairing composers with members of the conservatory’s flute studio, was intended to produce artistic bonds between composers and performers at the conservatory.

Windstorm was inspired by notions shared with me by Sophia Tegart, the piece’s dedicatee and first performer.  She spoke of large storms and the calmness of a storm’s eye, of busy schedules and few moments of true rest.  In the spirit of collaboration, the piece is written with a blend of traditional notation and brushstroke gestures, the latter of which are intended to guide the performer’s improvisations, resulting in individual interpretations of storm elements for each performer.

Sophia Tegart performs windstorm and respite


dedicated to Sophia Tegart

premiered by Sophia Tegart as part of UMKC's co(mp)llaborations program